Joining PCS

PCS is focused on serving the needs of independent Financial Advisors. We are looking for relationships with highly regarded, experienced financial service professionals who foster strong, trusted relationships with their clients.

Transitioning your business to Private Client Services, when planned properly, should be both smooth and orderly. It should be perceived by others as a welcomed event, an evolution of your business, and an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your clients. We want to minimize your downtime and maximize this change as an opportunity for you to increase your revenue. This will position you to be more productive, organized, and functional. By providing your clients with clear and precise communications they will view your transition as an opportunity for you to better serve them both now and in the future.

Does your current Broker/Dealer make you feel like a number? Are you tired of the corporate stranglehold? Call us now to learn how we can help.


Contact Us

If you’re ready to find out more about breaking away from your current Broker/Dealer or would like to know more about Private Client Service, please fill out this quick Contact form. Your information will be held in the strictest confidence and there will be no obligation on your part.

Or, if you’d like, call Steve Higdon, Chief Development Officer, directly at (502) 797-5207.






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