Your need for unbiased advice drives our independence

When you choose your financial partner, you must be very careful – careful to choose one that has your best interests at heart. And just as you have the opportunity to choose your financial advisor, they in turn choose their independent Broker/Dealer.

We are honored that your Advisor has chosen Private Client Services as their Broker/Dealer. We believe their choice serves your best interests because we are independently owned and your financial professional has the freedom to offer you objective guidance. This means that we do not force them to sell proprietary products or meet any sales quotas. It gives your Advisor complete objectivity and the freedom to choose the investment products best aligned with your objectives and goals.

Our associates understand that their success relies not only on your financial outcome, but also in your satisfaction of a positive experience; an experience based on trust, communication and the attainment of a common goal. You’ll find that your PCS Advisor exhibits those traits needed to develop a successful partnership with you. You see, we’re very selective with whom we partner, allowing only those Advisors with tenure and with stellar backgrounds to carry our banner.

Why you should feel good about your choice with Private Client Services:

  • PCS is an independently-owned business, not pressured by public shareholders or private equity investors to meet certain revenue goals.
  • We have no proprietary products or any potential conflicts of interest that may result by being owned by a parent investment or insurance company.
  • PCS does not underwrite securities, create research nor are we investment bankers. As your independent Broker/Dealer, we are responsible for regulatory compliance and adherence to Securities Industry Rules.
  • Your Financial Advisor has direct access to everyone at PCS, including top management. This means that if ever there is a problem or issue with your account or service, your Advisor has the ability to go straight to the source for resolution.
  • We clear our trades through Pershing, the world’s largest clearing firm.
  • Your account is protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).
  • We provide clear and accurate reporting through our award-winning* Client Statements as well as online via NetX Investor or Albridge.

Our Financial Advisors are seasoned professionals. They offer customized, tailor made recommendations for your financial objectives and build upon a personal relationship, which is shaped by the understanding of your needs and aspirations. They’ll work closely with you as independent financial professionals with a goal of making the most appropriate recommendations, which are closely monitored by our firm.