Service & Support

The Resources of a Big Firm

Private Client Services delivers all of the technology, services and custodial relationships provided by the brand name Broker/Dealers, but without the hassles and high cost. Equally important is PCS’ culture of independence and strategic vision which are both totally focused on accelerating the growth of your business and helping you reach all of your dreams.

When it comes to supporting your office, we think you’d be hard pressed to find a level of service higher than that which Private Client Services provides. In fact, it’s part of our name, and it’s a commitment to our clients that we live up to every day.

Everyone at PCS is dedicated to your success.

Have a question? We’ll give you an answer. Have a problem? We’ll help you solve it. You won’t have to go through the chain of command or wait days on end for a resolution.

If that’s not the kind of service you’re getting today, we think it should be. Call us today to see how we can serve you better.


Most Broker/Dealers can provide you with the same products, services and technology solutions that PCS offers. What we offer in addition, however, is a strategic commitment in helping your independent practice succeed. We are not just your Broker/Dealer; we are your new business partner!

We feel that the business guidance we offer is key to the many long-term relationships we have with our Financial Advisors, and that our nurturing spirit is critical to the success of the partnership.

Our Financial Advisors have direct access to all members of our senior management team. Our senior officers have successful and varied business backgrounds, and they are willing to share their experiences to help you. When you and your clients win, we win.

As with any relationship, be it personal or business, the key to success is open communication and trust. We work hard to build strong partnerships with our clients through direct access to our leadership team and open, honest dialogue.

If this is the kind of relationship you’re looking for in a business partner and not getting, we should talk.


We take a common-sense approach to this business and recognize the financial professional plays the most important role in the relationship with customers. Private Client Services helps our Advisors understand and embrace compliance as an excellent means to protect their business, reputation and their livelihood. Full disclosure to the client of all material facts and information helps the client make informed and appropriate decisions. This protects everyone. We follow basic principles and regulatory guidelines from which everyone can benefit.

Continuing Education

Today’s successful investment professional is very busy. In addition to regulatory and firm element continuing education requirements, most Financial Advisors also have state-mandated insurance courses, professional association, and credential certification CE requirements. Trying to stay abreast and on top of the most recent trends, market issues, and tax law changes places demands on financial professionals like never before.

Private Client Services offers a complete turnkey continuing education platform which satisfies multiple needs all at the same time. Our CE program has more 300 online courses available that can help you fulfill your CE requirements associated with professional designations, state insurance departments, FINRA firm element, or for just keeping up with current topics.

Back Office Support

PCS strives to have the best and brightest home office professionals available to support our talented representatives in the field. Some positions are highly technical, such as computer support or compliance; others require Broker/Dealer experience in back office administration or product support. The current home office staff includes individuals with lengthy careers in the financial services industry in a variety of positions. They have extensive knowledge and experience in sales, compliance, marketing, operations and are readily available to assist our Financial Advisors.