Our Commitment to Your Success

Let’s face it. Making the change from one Broker/Dealer to another is a big decision, and doing so properly with as little interruption to your business and your clients is paramount. No matter if you are coming from a large wire-house or another independent firm, Private Client Services is here to help in your transition. We’ll take a customized approach to your transition, recognizing the importance of adhering to any contractual obligations and keeping your clients data confidential. We’ll work to make your transition to Private Client Services a welcomed event to your clients; an evolution of your business and an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them.

Fee Transparency

You will find our payouts to be fair and rewarding and with no hidden fees. We believe in covering our business expenses from our share of the gross dealer concessions and believe that the Advisors should cover only their expenses and not the Broker/Dealer’s as well.

We manage our business prudently and have made business decisions over the years that reflect just that. Our Advisors benefit with higher payouts and lower expenses.

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