“I’ve been associated with the folks at PCS for more than 20 years. It’s one of the truly independent Broker/Dealers with an entrepreneurial flair. Having direct access to smart leadership allows me to work quickly and easily through the challenges of running our office.”

Mike Freida
Crystal Wealth Management, New York, NY


Private Client Services provides my business with a stable foundation of compliance, office support, and resources.  With that support, I am able to focus on originating business and serving my clients. PCS has been a great partner.”

Sabine Stovall
Kentucky Financial Group, Louisville, KY


“PCS is supported by tenured professionals who know my firm members by first name and work to support our business in partnership.”

Barry Steelman
Private Client Wealth Advisors, Denver, CO


“We chose to affiliate with Private Client Services because we identify with their foundation of integrity and trust. Private Client Services attracts experienced and ethical professionals who operate successful financial advisory businesses.”

Marguertia M. Cheng
Blue Ocean Global Wealth, Rockville, MD

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