Below are Marketing documents created in partnership with Fiducient, the Firm that PCS selected as our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer. These pieces are available as is for use with your clients and can also be shared on your social media.  If you wish to rebrand any of the documents, you must submit the changes through Marketing Pro for review and approval prior to client or social media distribution.  Questions can be direct to the PCS Compliance team.

August 2022

Market Review – Fresh Mountain Air, Same Hawkish Stance – Aug 2022

Market Recap – August 2022


July 2022

2022 – Mid-Year Market Review

CMA Update – June 2022

LRC Comments Bear Markets Blog

Market Recap – July 2022

Market Review – Making Hay While the Sun Shines – July 2022

NextGen Webinar

Rising Interest Rates Friend or Foe for Pension Investors (2)

Russell Reconstitution Analysis – July 2022

June 2022

2022 Mid-year Outlook

2022.06.30 Asset Class Pros and Cons

2022.06.30 Asset Class Pros and Cons[76]

Market Recap – June 2022

Quarterly Considerations – 06302022


May 2022

Market Recap – May 2022

May 2022 Changing Dynamics in the Secondaries Market

May 2022 Consultant Toolkit – Volatility in Context

May 2022 Current Economic and Market Perspectives

May 2022 Market Volatility and Outlook Webcast

May 2022 Market Volatility Client Letter

April 2022

April 2022 Market Recap

April 2022 Market Review – When Hawks Cry

March 2022

Is it Time for Panic in Your Portfolio

Giving Employees the Tools to Help Them Retire Confidently

Plan Sponsor News

Market Review – Variations on a Theme

Market Recap

Is It Time for Panic in Your Portfolio

Historical Market Perspective

Fixed Income Complacency


February 2022

CPI Our Outlook

Historical Market Perspective

Market Recap


January 2022

2022 Market Outlook Deck

2022 Market Outlook